Company Introduction

We will enhance customers’ reliability and the value of our business with new technologies and innovation.

Business Introduction


PARKING CLOUD provides the only smart integrated parking service in Korea in all areas of parking including;
manufacture of parking system, parking facility operation, additional revenue generation, and valet service


A Brand-new Integrated
Parking System
Smart Parking Management

With the most economical construction cost and the smartest operation method, i PARKING SYSTEM enables the manager of the parking facility to increase sales while saving costs and provides the driving customers with smart parking service.

What is Smart Parking Solution?
  • You can rent the equipment
    if you cannot afford to buy one
  • You can sell the empty parking space in the parking facility
    through i PARKING service
  • Through direct design and production, we provide our equipment cheaper than that
    of others by more than 30%

Meet smarter parking system at reasonable prices at


Don’t worry about parking!
From search to payment
Do it smart now

You can solve everything with i PARKING APP including searching
for parking facilities, price comparison, real-time monitoring
of parking space, taking out the car without a wallet, and alliance discount.

  • Searching for Parking Facilities Search the parking facilities near the
    destination and make a decision after comparing the prices, distance, etc
  • Checking Information on Parking Facility See all the information at a glance
    from parking fee and operation hours
    to detailed photos, and find your way at once
    with your favorite navigational app!
  • Purchasing
    Parking Service
    Check the information on parking fee discount,
    and purchase a parking service conveniently
    and extend the parking membership quickly
    via mobile!
  • Mobile Payment
    of Parking Fee
    Use Parking Pass for automatic payment of parking fee at time of exit by the registered payment information without visiting the payment booth.
  • Finding
    the Parking Location
    Register your parking location via mobile.
    You can find your parking location accurately with the map of the parking facility.
  • Mobile Parking Ticket Check your parking ticket conveniently via mobile.
    You can see all the parking information including detailed parking
    information and alliance information nearby.
  • Information on Alliance Discount Stores Get the discount on parking fee smart.
    You can see the information on alliance stores near the parking facility for discount on parking fee.

03Mediation of Sale of Parking Facility

Create new profits
using empty space in the parking facility.

i PARKING creates various profits by using idle space in the parking facility for certification of garage, car rental company (car sharing, rent car), passenger transport service company (bus, truck), ordinary company and individual customer.

Parking Service
Corporate parking
Carsharing#Socar #Greencar #Rentalcar

04Operation of parking facility

Sales maximization
by efficient operation of parking facility

Everything is possible with i PARKING including improvement of parking service, creation of new profits, efficient management, introduction of advanced parking facility, and reduction of congestion charge”.

Public Parking Lot
Direct Parking Lot
Annexation Parking Lot


New Concept of
Valet Service

Currently i PARKING VALET Service is being offered mainly in Gangnam
area and is rapidly expanding its service areas.

Mobile reservation of valet service and securement of shop customers
1Checking valet zone near the shop via mobile
2Marketing for customer securement through smart signage
Valet service using
1Cheap valet parking
2Using nearby i PARKING ZONE
3profit of parking facility worry of shops about parking
A new concept of
sharing valet
1cost by group application for valet service by several shops
2worry about parking for the customers using the shops