Smart Parking Solution

We will enhance customers’ reliability and the value of our business with new technologies and innovation.

Parking lot consulting


With efficient parking facility management and environmental improvement,
our parking lot consulting guarantees profit of customers.


The partners of i PARKING can create stable profits by
parking facility rental business without the burden of investment costs.

Rental Consulting of i PARKING The revenue created by operation of the parking facility is shared after i PARKING rents the land/building of the business operator, provides consulting, introduces the system and improves environment.
Commissioned Operation Consulting of i PARKING The existing parking facility of the business operator is commissioned to i PARKING for operation by paying a certain rent.
An optimum parking facility is established by introduction of system, environment improvement and marketing for increase of customers.

02Benefits of parking consulting service of i PARKING?

No burden of initial costs Minimum system installation cost for the efficient operation and management of parking facility
Creation of stable revenue Fixed income or more profit guaranteed by parking facility environment optimization
Minimum work for parking facility management Responsible management for all site works including site management, emergency response, accident handling and general customer complaints
Transparent settlement Possible to check and manage sales real time with i PARKING CEO app
Contract term guarantee Easy real estate asset utilization in future by removing and restoring the facility to its original state after the contract expiration

03Cases of i PARKING Partners

  • Case of Parking Lot Rental / S-Trenue (Yeoeiodo, Seoul)

    System Installation, CS Center Support, Environment Improvement Support, Marketing Support for Parking Product Sales