Smart Parking Solution

We will enhance customers’ reliability and the value of our business with new technologies and innovation.



i PARKING VALET offers a new concept, combining the i PARKING Valet and mobile service.

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  • Valet Parking mobile app link service

    i PARKING VALET offers valet payment and reservation service via mobile.
    Business operators not only can manage reservations conveniently,
    but also can receive support for PR and marketing activities through connected promotion.
  • Management and commissioned operation of valet service

    i PARKING VALET helps efficient parking management via mobile and at the same time
    increases the value of business operators and profits by providing elegant services with superior staff.
  • Consulting on Valet Business

    i PARKING VALET provides the best solutions for maintaining the existing manpower's labor,
    and saves cost by the professional consulting of the No. 1 smart parking solution in Korea.
  • Dispatching professional manpower

    i PARKING VALET dispatches staff after advance education to provide elegant service through our curriculum and suggest the best solutions. (building maintenance/security personnel/facility guard/accounting/accompanying secretary/driver, etc.
  • Security

    The guard team consists of members who have completed healthy mind and body and professional security education,
    Protect your clients' assets through thorough pre-planning and practice.
  • Event

    With many events, we can help you organize your event reservation, valet, transfer, guide, and control.

02Competitiveness of i PARKING VALET

No. 1 Service Platform in parking solution

“Offers professional valet consulting of the No. 1 parking solution company in Korea”
Professional Valet Service
1Manual preparation for all processes
2Monthly staff training
3Securing employment stability
through definite identity guarantee
Quick and convenient A/S
1Compulsory purchase of liability insurance
2Prompt accident handling
3Reinforced security for grand theft auto
Consistent Brand Identity
1Unified uniform
2Differentiated valet booth
3Refined valet ticket design

Mobile reservation of valet service and securement of shop customers

Increasing customers with convenient mobile services

  • Checking valet zone location via mobile
  • Convenient guidance through mobile navigation
  • Payment of valet fee via mobile
  • Offers business information of allied shops
  • Offers location information of allied shops

Possible to publicize the shop via mobile

Possible to create additional revenue by promoting valet service

Valet service using i PARKING Zone

“Can introduce valet service without a parking facility by linking with nearby i PARKING Zones.”
  • Individual application; “Big financial burden”
  • Group application; “Cost reduciton”

A new conceptual valet service using smart parking solution

“Smart car management with i PARKING STREET (App for valet management)”
  • Registration of car entrance / Car exit and payment
  • Inquiry about car entrance and exit and management
  • Daily closing and printing report

03Performance and reference

Tesla Cheongdam Store

Replace Hannam Parking Lot [D Museum]

Itaewon Line Friends

Cheongdam Cheonggukjang and Boribap

VIPS Cheongdam Branch

Shin-Tobul Zhang An

916 Somsi

Han Aram Cheongdam

Butcheli House

Seo kyung do rok

Simmons Gallery Nonhyun

Simmons Gallery Suwon

Yeon & Nature gynecology hospital

Chunglim Building


Hosan hospital

Outdoor event valet -1

Outdoor event valet -2

Business event valet -1

Business event valet -2

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