We will enhance customers’ reliability and the value of our business with new technologies and innovation.

Operation of CS Center


All parking facilities of i PARKING are managed by the CS Center to handle
cutomer complaints and A/S all year round 24 hours a day in real time.

Support of CS Center i PARKING 24HOUR CS CENTER

  • All customer complaints in the parking facility are taken care of by
    through 24-hour support of the Call Center
  • Professional response to the customer by hiring iparking call center employee
  • The largest distinguished services are provided with the biggest Customer Center in the nation

The complaints of the parking customers can be minimized by operation of the 24-hour Call Center

Support of Integrated CS Management Program i PARKING 24HOUR CS CENTER

  • A wide range of response from minor customer complaints
    about parking facility to provision of information on the system
  • Efficient management of parking facility by reduction of
    matters to be taken care of
  • No additional cost of establishment (installation) is required as it is web based environment

You can experience a wide range of response and efficient parking facility
through the management