System Introduction

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Parking Management


i PARKING Integrated Parking Management System

  • Integrated parking facility management program
  • Manages membership, season pass, payment/discount detail, sales/settlement, etc, and prints statistics
  • Integrated management of several parking facilities
  • Cloud Web-based integrated parking management program

Real-time Parking Facility Management Program

  • Real-time monitoring of parking facility
  • Possible to check the entrance and exit status
  • Manual correction of car information, registration of car entrance and exit
  • Cloud Web-based integrated parking control program
  • Possible for the control staff to revise unrecognized cars
  • Possible to delegate/receive Call Center works

Road Parking Lot Management App

  • License plate number recognition function in mobile smart phone
  • Possible to check unpaid charge with license plate number
  • Possible to check and manage season pass and free pass
  • Prints report on daily closing and daily sales
  • Automatically reads the license plate number by the photo of
    entering car -> Automatically identifies light-weight car of light car
    by connection with Big Data
  • Can be used at a parking facility where the equipment cannot be installed
  • Provision and management of real-time parking information
    being linked to i PARKING MEMBERS (discount on parking fee)
    + i PARKING CEO (parking management)

Manned Parking Fee Settlement Program

  • Checks the status of car entrance and exit and sales information at a glance
  • Possible to apply discount on parking fee
  • Possible to automatically discount on light-weight car and
    eco-friendly car
    with Big Data of cars Using Big Data
  • Assorts car types by only license plate recognition machine (Light-weight car identifier not necessary)

Unmanned Parking Fee Settlement Program

  • Automatically settles parking fee at the unmanned parking fee payment machine positioned at the exit of the parking facility
  • Supports various methods of payment Possible to process season pass